Welcome to Cracking the ACT!

Test taking is a skill! In this class you’ll learn the skills and tricks needed to increase your ACT score.

There’s a couple of great ways to improve your ACT score … and we’ve set this class up to help you work on all of them.

1. Learn test-taking tips.

We’ll go over these in class and then review them as the year goes on.

2. Practice answering questions.

ACT questions come in the same format over and over. The more you practice answering the questions, the more familiar you become and the faster you’ll be.

Each week, you’ll be assigned certain questions to work on. You’ll check your answers and figure out which ones you missed. And then we’ll talk about the ones that stumped you in class.

There is a class form on the website that you’ll need to fill out EACH Wednesday before class that will tell us which questions you want to talk about.

3. Learning more math.

4. Improving your reading skills.

These last two are something you have to do on your own. But if you do, you’ll help the class work toward earning enough points for the end-of-semester reward!

ACT Points

You get points each week for practicing things that will help you improve. Each week, your points will be added to the class totay. If the class gets to 2000 points, the entire class gets the end-of-the-semester reward!

You get points for:

  • Answering assigned practice questions
  • Reading extra articles that are similar to ACT content
  • Working on your math (whatever level you are at)

Be sure to report your points EACH Wednesday before class on the website in order to get credit! (Even on the weeks when we don’t have class!)